our mission

Spoon it, lick it, drip it! Mumma Lu's is a rich, organic, gourmet chocolate sauce for people who love food. Mumma Lu's supports local businesses, organic farmers and Fair Trade companies as we strive to weave together the worlds of chocolate lovers, gourmet "foodies" and socially conscious consumers.

our vision

Almost 10 years ago, a friend once shared with me the term "edible love" while savoring a delicious treat. I cherish this term and apply it for my own special food moment. Mumma Lu's provides edible love while simultaneously giving thoughtful buyers and food appreciative, chocolate lovers the assurance of organic ingredients.

Many people have the luxury of choosing to eat healthily. By supporting local, Bay Area businesses, organic farmers and Fair Trade cocoa farmers in Belize, Mumma Lu's is doing its best to make the world a better place.

Mumma Lu's is edible love that I hope will further your appreciation of your choices and encourage you to buy intentionally keeping in mind your health, the environment and global livelihoods. Mumma Lu's is a homemade reminder of the simple pleasures in life.

our story

This recipe began with the original Mumma Lu, my mom. As a little girl, the smell of the sauce cooking in our kitchen meant winter time in Baltimore and holiday presents for my teachers. "Mumma" is a nick-name that my brother and I made up as adults, and her other nick name is "Lu". Since my recipe is a variation of her own, I created this name.

As I got older, I wanted to give homemade holiday gifts to friends. I made a few batches and soon people began to beg for more. There was one specific household where they each had to have their own jar of sauce because one person had a wee (to put it lightly) chocolate addiction. After causing more than a few roommate spats, and discovering that chocolate addicts everywhere wanted their Mumma Lu's fix, I decided to start a small side business.